Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello Kitty!

I designed these fun Hello Kitty concepts for Bluebox Toys so long ago that I had actually forgotten about them.  I came across the drawings while sorting through some old files, and I had done the projects back when I didn't work on a computer, so they were never scanned into my hard drive.

Hello Kitty - 'Roller Disco' play set

Hello Kitty - 'Sweet Shop' play set
Hello Kitty - 'Stickers & Stationery' activity set

Finding the drawings also made me realize they were among many projects on which I've worked, and never learned its ultimate fate.
I wondered; Did it ever make it to the store shelves?
It had been 11 or 12 years, so if anything was out there it would most likely be found on ebay or some collector's website.

I was pleasant surprised to find they're still out there, after all this time.  Still popular items in the Bluebox catalog.

Hello Kitty - 'Sweet Shop' play set
'Sweet Shop' set closed

Hello Kitty - "Roller Disco"
'Roller Disco' set closed

Hello Kitty - 'Stickers & Stationery' activity