Tuesday, October 16, 2012

more from the editorial years

A while back I posted some of my work from when I created original illustrations for magazines and periodicals.  Editorial art was my chosen field of aspiration upon graduating from college, and I did get published on occasion for the first 7 or 8 years that I actively pursued it, with occasional commissions from Playboy, Outside, National Lampoon, Crain's Business, The Atlantic Monthly, and others.
Along the way, I supplemented the erratic income of this profession by freelancing in the advertising business, doing layout design, marker renderings, and some storyboarding. All of this while living in Philadelphia and regularly trekking up to New York to show my portfolio.   eventually falling into designing product at Tyco Toys as a freelancer, it didn't take long until I stopped pursuing commissions altogether I just became so busy creating toys.  Now it seems like another lifetime. 

This was before the advent of digital art and desktop computers in general, so everything I did was on the drawing board by hand. Some of my influences during this era were illustrators like Blair Drawson, Lane Smith, and I was also exploring some resist wet media with gouache and colored pencil.   Looking back, I was trying to cultivate my own signature style so it was always evolving somewhat,  but from 1987 until 1994 this was some of the work I was doing for the editorial world;

National Lampoon magazine - 1988

on business communication

on the dangers of genetic engineering

on games that increase intelligence

on puppet politicians

roller coaster dog

on tax stress

the flirting waiter

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