Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Koni

With the success of Koni Waves comes the demand for more commissions.
The Arcana-produced property has developed a respectable following over the past few years, and the opportunity to promote it further was a fun prospect for me.   Koni's creator and lead artist, Steve Sistilli, published an 'Art of Koni' book that flew well with fans enough to put out a 2nd volume, and it seems a 3rd one is on the way.  And being a close pal of Steve's, I'm more than happy to oblige when I can.
It's not only another opportunity to see my work in print, but it is a kick when I have the chance to hang out with him at a comic convention.  We get to act like a couple of kids, and glad-hand with all the attendees.

Here's a couple of more recent posters ready for print;

Print size on the following is 18" x 33"

The below large poster prints out at 36" x 48"

Not too difficult to see why the comic fanboys love Koni.

She's always ready to kick some monster ass.

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