Sunday, July 25, 2010

iPod touch dock/player

Sometimes I get an idea for a concept and I just have to roll with it. (pun intended, ..sorry)

What car doesn't have a stereo? And the notion of an RC vehicle that doubles as an iPod dock/player seems like a slam-dunk, to me. Any number of cool vehicles present themselves as a candidate for such a concept, but the application of a perennial license like Scooby-Doo was one way to get this concept across in a way that would appeal to tweens as well as boomers like me. Especially if there's some neat animated feature to play with.

My illustrations pretty much explain the dual function, but I'll describe the features since I have the bandwidth;

Here's the Mystery Machine in its static state, the iPod touch shows scale and rough position where it drops into the slot dock on the van's rooftop.

Open up the back end and its display becomes the TV screen on the inside of the van.
The wall speakers function for stereo sound, the mirror ball spins, and the sculpted Scooby bobs his head in time with the music (much like your average iPet).
The tail lights function as manual controls for the iPod, and the license plate is an LCD display for track number, volume level, or even AM FM signal.

Spin Scooby around, and he can join you while you view any videos you may have stored.
The same LCD screen displays running time, or can function in clock mode.

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