Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Fimbles is a British TV show designed for preschool children. The Fimbles are; Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom, who all live in a bright, lush and colourful place called Fimble Valley.

The BAFTA nominated show was in production from 2002 - 2004, and during those years Fisher Price Brands designed and manufactured much of their licensed toy products, although they were never intended for the US market. 
I've handled tons of licenses over the years, most of them iconic North American characters we all recognize.  And I always get a fun kick when working with a foreign property. It's a studied peek into another culture's kid-entertainment.  The Mr. Men characters are known perennially in the UK, having been around for 40 years, but they're still obscure to many here in the States.  

I worked on several items in the Fimbles line for Fisher Price. Below is a playset I designed with a number of features, including a 'spin & find' activity;

Some minor changes from the initial rendering, the Fimbles 'Spin n Find' playset was evidently a popular item with British tykes. I had virtually forgotten about this project until stumbling across some drawings in my files. A search on Google confirmed that it indeed made it to the UK store shelves.

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