Friday, August 19, 2011

more Monopoly

After I was brought in by Hasbro Games to re-design the moving tokens, houses, and hotels for their 70th Anniversary Edition, the creatives there asked me to work on pieces for a couple of other Monopoly games in their catalog.

One was for Hasbro's; Monopoly Junior, which plays younger and features an amusement park theme.  Again, my task was to design the moving tokens as well as little ticket booths, which are used similarly to Monopoly 'houses' in game play.  Monopoly Junior comes with 4 'park ride' tokens; a carousel horse, a roller coaster car,  a bumper car, and a log run boat.  And like the previous Monopoly project, I initially submitted 2 possible options for each piece.
Here are the designs for the moving tokens;


Here are the drawings for the ticket booth design;

Of course these pieces are tiny when actually produced, but the details reduce nicely.  Here is how they look with the rest of the game;


Another spinoff I worked on was Monopoly Tropical Tycoon, which is skewed for an older demographic, comes with an interactive DVD, and has more play pieces.

The 6 themed moving tokens in this version are; a cannon, a sandal, a hat, a scooter, a parrot, and a sailboat.  In this case they wanted more than a couple of options for the hat;


Unlike the single 'ticket booth' in Monopoly Junior, or the basic houses and hotels in the classic version, Monopoly Tropical Tycoon uses a wide variety of themed pieces to populate properties owned; beach houses, resorts, casinos, parks, piers, and restaurants;

Here is how the produced version looks with the parts I designed;


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